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ZMA Connected Organizations, Partnership and other personals:
DZCC (Dallas Zomi Community Church) | Zomi Combine DFW events | KMedia | CO2 Studios
Blessed Music Training ( Yangon, Myanmar)
Zomi Innkuan Dallas | Zomi Innkuan Fortworth


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Khuado Pawi 2019

ZMA - CO2 Studios Associated Music Releases

|     APPLE MUSIC     |      SPOTIFY     |     Youtube     |
SONG WRITER/SINGER: Khupbawi Live at GZI with GZI band.
|     APPLE MUSIC     |      SPOTIFY     |     Youtube     |

Song Writers: San Than, Yemyat P., and others
Produced by  Sang Ceu
Song Creation participants:OFF KEYS band

DFW Worship Night | ZBC Fort Worth Year Anniversary 11/2/19